Enabling and Using the ITmanager.net and 1Password Extension

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  1. Install 1Password
  2. Enable the extension:
    1. Launch Safari
    2. Tap the share button in the middle of the bottom toolbar to bring up the share sheet.
    3. Slide the bottom row of icons (just above the Cancel button) all the way to the left
    4. Tap the bottom More icon
    5. Tap the switch next to 1Password in the Activities list
    6. Tap Done in the upper right corner to go back to the share sheet
    7. 1Password will appear toward the end of your list of icons
    8. For easier access, you can move the 1Password icon so that it’s first on the share sheetClick here for more information on enabling the 1Password extension:
  3. Once the 1Password extension is enabled, you can use your 1Password keychain in the IT Manager app on iOS to setup passwords and login with the extension

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