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How to setup an HTTP monitor from the Web App(follow same steps if you do it on your mobile device).

Check if a website is down or returning the incorrect response.

 Select Monitors from the menu then on the right select the “+ Add” dropdown menu. Then choose HTTP.

Then you simply just fill in the configurations to the Url that you would like to monitor(see below).

Url:  The address or the website you want to monitor, you can include simply the hostname, ip or full url including protocol and port such as “” or ““.  If monitoring using a private network you can also enter internal ip or hostname.

Monitor From: If you are monitoring something outside of your network you would leave the “Monitor From” set to “Internet”. However, if you would like to monitor a web server behind your firewall in your network you would set the “Monitor From” to the Enterprise server you have set up.

Fail timeout:  this is the number of milliseconds that the website must respond in order for the monitor to show a success, if the website responds longer then the monitor will fail.

Response Code: Most websites will respond with a HTTP 200 OK code when the monitor succeeds, enter a custom value here if your website responds normally with something different, for example a 301 redirect.

Response Contains:  Enter the text that the website must contain in order for the monitor to be considered a success, if the response does not contain this text the response will be considered a failure.

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