Benefits of Setting Up the Enterprise Server

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The Enterprise Server for Windows management is required for several reasons:
1) The Enterprise Server allows you to access your servers whether on the local wifi network or the cellular network without the need for a VPN.
2) The Enterprise Server simplifies the configuration of Windows servers, several of our customers were hitting Kerberos errors with their DC when managing directly from iPhone.
3) The Enterprise Server allows you to manage your Windows server using our Web App:
4) We are currently working on new features such as Event Viewer, File Explorer, Powershell and HyperV which all require the Enterprise Server.
5) If you are using our new monitoring feature the Enterprise Server allows you to monitor servers inside your private network.
6) You only need to install 1 Enterprise Server on your network, so it’s not a typical Agent. By installing the Enterprise Server you don’t have to use a VPN client anymore.

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