2.4 for BlackBerry 10 Release Features Windows Remote Desktop

IT Administrators using their BB10 devices can now connect to Windows consoles with Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP). Connect to your Windows computer and see the screen and control the mouse and keyboard from anywhere!

Remote Desktop Features:

  • Connect to Windows computers using the RDP protocol
  • See the desktop of the Windows computer and control the mouse and keyboard
  • Connect securely to servers inside the firewall with the BlackBerry MDS server

New VMware Features:

  • Support for the Restart Guest OS action
  • Supports listings of more than 100 virtual machines

Other Updates:

  • VT100 PF keys are fixed
  • Bug fixes

Learn more about’s VNC, RDP and ARD features. is a subscription based app that can be purchased for as little as $3/week or $99 for a full year. Subscriptions periods are completely flexible as chosen by the end user. Subscribing gives users the flexibility to only pay when they need to use but all new functionality is included for every current subscriber.

How to download

Download your free 14 day subscription trial of by visiting your mobile device’s app store. If your trial period has ended, update the app now and get 3 more days free to use all the features of the app!

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