New Features For The Web App

We have been working hard to make all of our features available across all devices and platforms. With the latest release of our Web App, we have made tons of new features accessible from your desktop. We’ve added many new management functions to our Windows feature, as well as some other features which […]

Read More… Version 4.6 Has Arrived

We are pleased to announce that Version 4.6 is now available! This version now supports accessing any device with a web-based user interface including most routers, switches, network attached storage devices, printers and more! You can also take advantage of the secure connection of the Private Network Connector to access web-based user interfaces located […]

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Microsoft Exchange Management Is Now Available

This release supports managing Microsoft Exchange Server remotely from Anywhere. Manage mailboxes, groups, quotas and queues.  New Microsoft Exchange Features: Create, Disable, Remove Mailboxes and Distribution Groups Add and Remove Email Addresses from Mailboxes and Distribution Groups View Mailbox Sizes and Change User Mailbox Send, Receive and Warning Quotas Enabled/Disable Out of Office Auto-Reply Enabled/Disable […]

Read More… 4.3 Now Includes Microsoft Hyper-V, PowerShell and More

We are pleased to announce the release of 4.3, available for iOS, Android and BlackBerry! This release includes many new features requested by our users, and we hope that they will make our app more useful for everyone.  Microsoft Hyper-V Microsoft Hyper-V allows users to start, stop, reset, pause, delete and view the status […]

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Major Windows Features Now Available in 4.3

Thanks to all of our great existing and potential customers for the hundreds of feature requests that we received during 2015. Our Windows management solution already included RDP and Active Directory but we had lots of requests to enhance our Windows offerings. Version 4.3 is available today and it is packed with new Windows administration […]

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Thank You to All of Our Customers For Another Great Year

2015 has been a busy year for the team at We added hundreds of new customers including Disney, Yokohama, Samsonite and the Vancouver Police Department. We also greatly enhanced the feature set of the service by adding the following features: – Server monitoring for Android, iOS and BlackBerry – A keychain feature – Support […]

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