2.1 for Android Released With New VMware Management Features

The team has been working hard to roll out additional features for VMware on Android! Using 2.1, IT Administrators can now take a VMware Snapshot, Revert to Current Snapshot, View and Dismiss Alarms all from their Android device. Support for vCenter 4.0 has also been added. Among the new VMware features, the team […]

Read More… 2.0 for Android Features Amazon Web Services Management & Network Tools is kicking off 2014 by adding new Network Tools and support for Amazon Web Services (AWS) management to the app for Android. Released at Google Play, 2.0 for Android allows administrators to manage their Amazon Web Services EC2 Instances and S3 Buckets. The new network tools allow administrators to make ping requests, chart […]

Read More… 2.5 for iOS Releases New Features for VMware Management

VMware management just got better on the mobile app for iOS devices! IT Administrators can now take a VMware Snapshot, Revert to Current Snapshot, View and Dismiss Alarms, all from their iOS device. Additional VMware features allows admins to connect quickly to a remote console with RDP, SSH or VNC, as well as support […]

Read More… 1.3.7 for Android Now Supports Active Directory Management

The team has been working hard to roll out support for Active Directory management on Android devices! Released today on Google Play, 1.3.7 for Android allows IT administrators to use their Android device to manage Users and Groups on their Windows domain. Active Directory management tasks include: Create Users & Groups Unlock Accounts Reset […]

Read More… Selected to Participate in the C100’s 48 Hours in the Valley

Twice a year The C100 invites twenty of Canada’s most promising startups to Silicon Valley to participate in 48 hours of networking, workshops, strategic partner visits, investor meetings & mentorships. The team is honoured to be listed as one of the The C100’s December 2013 Cohort! Formed in 2010 by highly successful Canadian entrepreneurs in […]

Read More… 2.4 for BlackBerry 10 Release Features Windows Remote Desktop

IT Administrators using their BB10 devices can now connect to Windows consoles with Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP). Connect to your Windows computer and see the screen and control the mouse and keyboard from anywhere! Remote Desktop Features: Connect to Windows computers using the RDP protocol See the desktop of the Windows computer and control the […]

Read More… 2.4 for iOS Supports iOS 7, Includes Improvements to SSH/Telnet & VMware Management

If you are planning, or already have updated your iOS device to version 7, then we have got you covered. 2.4 for iOS fully supports and looks great on iOS 7! Also included in this update are improvements to SSH/Telnet and VMware management. Improvements include: Added support for VT220 and PF1-PF4 keys in SSH/Telnet […]

Read More… version 1.1 for Android Released with SSH & Telnet

The team is eager to bring all the great features of to the Android platform. The latest release of version 1.1 includes SSH, Telnet and local console connections! SSH & Telnet Features: Support for SSH, Telnet or local console terminal sessions SSH with username, password or key authentication VT100, VT220 and XTerm-256color […]

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Perform VMware Management Tasks on your BlackBerry 10 using

Administrators can now diagnose and resolve vCenter and ESXi Hypervisors server issues on their BlackBerry 10 devices using version 2.3. New VMware Features for BlackBerry 10: Manage both vCenter Servers and standalone ESXi Hypervisor servers Browse network by Hosts, Virtual Machines or Datacenters View Memory, CPU and Storage usage of Hosts and VM’s Host […]

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