7.6 Supports Managing Microsoft SQL Server

ITmanager.net is the RMM mobile app and it now supports managing Microsoft SQL Server.

We have had many requests to add Microsoft SQL Server to our list of managed servers and we are happy to announce that the first versions for iOS and Android are both live now in the app stores.

The first group of features include:

  • Starting and stopping the MS SQL server or agent
  • Creating, editing and deleting both databases and tables
  • Managing security credentials such as Logins, Roles and Credentials
  • Viewing SQL logs
  • Starting jobs
  • Sending any SQL Query to the server

We have also improved the monitoring dashboard view. We now have an embedded graph in the monitoring view as well as an improved iPad interface to display the monitoring graphs.

Please try managing Microsoft SQL Server and all of the latest features and let us know if you find any issues. We also welcome your feedback on new features you would like us to add.

ITmanager.net is available as a 14 day free trial from the app stores. Find it here:

Managing Microsoft SQL Server
Managing Microsoft SQL Server on iPhone